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Streetkids International e.V is a small children’s charity, registered as a non-profit charitable association based in Frankfurt.

In Tanzania, on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam, we now run four orphanages, as well as education projects and schools for the orphans.

We want to pave the way for a future for our children, so that they can live independently, happy and healthy. Therefore we emphasise health and hygiene, education, training and regulated daily routine for all our orphans.

Short Introduction

Volunteering in Tanzania


Our Work in Tanzania

  • Streetkids International e.V.

    Streetkids International e.V.

    Streetkids International e.V is a small children’s charity, registered as a non-profit charitable association.

  • Local Work in Tanzania

    Local Work in Tanzania

    What we do, who our partners on site are, and what tasks we set ourselves.

  • Our Orphans

    Our Orphans

    We look after our orphans in orphanages for girls, boys and young children on our own plot of land in Mwandege, about an hour and a half outside of Dar es Salaam.

  • The Orphanages

    The Orphanages

    When we started working with orphans in Tanzania, we rented orphanages in certain parts of Dar es Salaam, the seat of government of the East African state.

  • Education and Apprenticeships

    Education and Apprenticeships

    Together with our partners on location, we try to provide our orphans with a better start into the future through an education.

  • Donate and Help

    Donate and Help

    You have the opportunity to help with a small donation. That can be an immediate donation, a child sponsorship, apprenticeship sponsorship or it can also be time that you donate.

Opportunities to Help

Only with your help is our work possible! As a non-profit organization we are dependent on your donations. With this, you smooth the way for our work in the orphanages and educational establishments: You give the children the gift of a home, the opportunity to grow up with their peers and the chance of a school education, balanced diet and medical care.

We guarantee you: Your donation arrives where it is really needed - at the children´s.


  • New Pictures in 2016

    New Pictures in 2016

    Also in 2016 we return with entirely new images. Above all, we are pleased that we can document the development of all children and adolescents here.

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  • Donate on

    Donate on

    Auf Deutschlands größter Spendenplattform haben wir das Hilfsprojekt für unser neues Mädchenhaus gestartet. Helfen auch Sie mit.

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