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Frequently asked questions

About Our Orphans

Waisenkinder in der Schule

How will I know how my sponsored child is doing?

We inform you about how your sponsored child is doing at regular intervals; through our ‚Streetkids Post,’ reguar emails, which show recent pictures, and through our current news. We are on location several times a year and take lots of pictures, which, on request, we would be happy to send you in the post!

How do you decide which children you take in?

Through our local network, we are told again and again about so-called „worst cases“: Children from very needy backgrounds, who have lost both their parents and whose relatives are not in the position to look after the children properly. We check whether a child comes from such a difficult situation. If it is the case, then they get a new home with us.

How regularly will you notify me about my sponsored child?

We will update you at least three times a year about the development of your child and about all the other news and activities of Streetkids International e.V. However, we do not send monthly letters or info sheets – simply because we would like to keep postage and administrative costs low

Why do you always bring up that the children are HIV-negative?

We mention this because the children’s parents have often died of AIDS and so it is a small miracle that the children are HIV-negative. We could not deal with taking on HIV-positive children with our team; for this we would have to be able to ensure round the clock medical care from nurses and doctors, which certainly exceeds our capacities.

Can I visit the child I sponsor?

Yes, of course. Karibu Sana (warm welcome in Kiswaheli)! Talk to us about it!

Can the child I sponsor visit me?

The children would undoubtedly love a trip to Germany. However, we could not permit such a big journey for one child, out of consideration for the other children. This would disturb the community and above all arouse jealousy amongst them. There will eventually be the opportunity, for a child to do an internship in Germany, when they are older (16 years or older).

Can I write to my child or send them packages?

The children are crazy happy about post from Germany, because it is something quite special for them. It strengthens the feeling, that somewhere in Europe there is a person who cares about them and is interested in them. However we do ask that you send letters as well as packages at Christmas or on birthdays to Streetkids International e.V. We forward these to the children; the majority are then given directly by employees or interns. We would advise against sending anything by normal post, because letters are not reliably delivered by the Tanzanian post, and packages often do not arrive due to the high theft rate.


About the Association

Daniel mit zwei Kindern auf dem Arm

How are you organised and what are your aims?

Our main aim is to help orphans in Tanzania. We would like to give them the gift of a home and an education, so as to make a way to a stable future. We accompany the children step by step. In doing so it is important to us to help quickly, unbureautically and directly on location, to be able to support as many children as is physically possible with the donations we get.
The organisation in Germany is very trim. We are a network of friends and almost all work voluntarily. In Tanzania we have about 10 employees, who secure the operations of the houses and schools. We help children who are extremely disadvantaged and lead them on the way to a stable future. Read more about us here.

Who is behind the association?

Streetkids International e.V. was founded by Daniel Preuß, the current managing director, in 2000 after a visit to Tanzania. Work in Germany was at the beginning mainly planning and preparationg for the association’s action. It was necessary to change the idea of a children’s charity into a realisable plan, to find members and interested donors. The result of this is a volunteer network with a lot of idealism, optimism and positive energy.

Why do you believe that Streetkids International e.V. is worthy of support?

We are a small charity, without a so called „administrative big wig.“ As a result, we are all voluntarily involved with these children. All donations come directly to the children, with only a very small administrative deduction (10% max.). 

We think that is worth supporting, don’t you?


About Donations and Sponsorships


Can I deduct tax from donations?

All donations for Streetkids International e.V. are tax deductable. When you donate to us, you of course obtain a valid donation receipt.

How much does sponsorship cost?

In principle we would like to ask you to donate at least 30€ a month. With this a proper diet for a child can be ensured. A full sponsorship for our child in one of our orphanages costs 100€ a month, which guarantees the complete care of the child. There is also the possibility of making a one-time 1000€ donation, taking on an apprentice sponsorship to allow an orphan an optimal start in work life.

Do I have to pick out a child or do you distribute the money equally among the children?

Basically you choose a child you would like to sponsor. However since not all of the children have sponsors yet, the donated money is distributed equally among the children so that all have the same living conditions

How do I know which children do not have sponsors yet?

If you would like to know which children do not have sponsorship, speak to us! We will gladly give you information about it.

Can I sponsor a whole house?

A sponsorship for a complete children’s house is possible under certain conditions. Simply talk to us by email or by telephone.

What happens when I can no longer pay my sponsorship?

At all times, you decide when and how much you donate to us. A sponsorship is a voluntary commitment, which you can of course cancel at any time. Basically, we would like long-term and stable involvement, so we are able to give the children ideal care. Should this be no longer possible due to personal reasons, please just let us know. The children will of course continue to be cared and remains a part of our community!

If I donate 100€, approximately how much money reaches the children?

In a donation of 100€, after deducting administrative costs, which we keep as low as possible, at least 90€ reaches the children.

What criteria do you use to decide how the money will be used?

The donated money is assigned for accommodation, meals and education of the children. We also provide the children with a „cushion“ for emergencies such as illness – and not least for their future career, for example for further education or training.


About Internships / Voluntary Social Year

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Can I do a short internship with you?

We are delighted if you would like to donate your time and support us and our work in Tanzania! You can carry out internships in either in our German office in Frankfurt, or directly on location in Tanzania. Minimum time in both cases is three months; in Frankfurt school internships are also possible, which can then be somewhat shorter.

Can I do my voluntary social year or a long internship with you?

In principle this is not a problem, we love to have dedicated people who would like to actively lend a hand. Internships in Tanzania are a simple possibility, with just short notice needed (three to six months). Additionally, we assume a minimum period of three months in Tanzania.
For those doing a voluntary social year, the notice needs to be at least a year, because we ourselves are not recognised as providers and thus work together with a sponsoring organisation. If you are interested, just contact us or send us directly a written application with picture and cover letter!

I would like to volunteer to help! What would that look like?

There is a lot to do here, and even more opportunites, for the what this help could look like. Just talk to us – by email or by phone!


About Staff and Members

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Do you have any job opportunities for permanent staff in Germany or Tanzania?

There are no fixed job opportunities at the moment, but we are always looking for volunteer staff! Just talk to us, we would be delighted!

Can I join your association?

Yes, it is possible! We assume that members are involved in some form, either financially or voluntarily. Just talk to us!

About Work on Location in Tanzania


Where do you work in Africa?

At the moment we are working solely in Tanzania, about an hour and a half outside of the seat of government Dar es Salaam. Tanzania is on the coast of East Africa, south of the equator. The country borders Kenya and Uganda in the north, and Mozambique, Zambia and Malawi in the south.

What do you do in Africa?

As a non-profit association we support homeless children in Tanzania. We help very quickly, unbureaucratically and directly on location. Currently we are looking after nearly 50 children in three separate orphanages. All the children come from families who are no longer in the position to look after the little ones themselves. We conciously look after orphans, since they are often left on their own and consequently are especially reliant on support. The children’s parents have in the majority of cases died of AIDS, but the children are HIV-negative.

Is Streetkids International e.V. a Christian charity?

What constitutes a Christian charity? The members, the board members, the behaviour? The founder Daniel Preuß is a pastor’s son, he was brought up to believe the word of the Bible. Above all he learned that many who call themselves Christians, do not behave like they are at all. We believe that it is not so important what you call yourself, but what you do.

Who works for the charity in Africa?

We are regularly on location in Tanzania, supervising activities and work locally and caring for the children together with the local foster parents. The administrative expenditure comprises less than 10% of donated money, so that contributions come directly to where they are needed most – to the children.


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