Waisenkinder in Tansania
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Child Sponsorship

Waise mit Pate

We would like to especially commend you to help this way, because the regular payments which are associated with the child sponsorship permanently makes our work in the Streetkids International e.V. orphanages easier. In addition, child sponsorships simplify the planning and coordination of aid for our orphans.

A sponsorship helps in the form of making a monthly contribution of 30€, which looks after the support of one of our orphans. By becoming a sponsor, you give your sponsored child the feeling that they are not alone in this world.

Become a Sponsor and Watch Them Grow

When you become a orphan’s sponsor, you witness through letters and photos, what the life of „your“ child is like, and how they develop. And the child knows, that somewhere in the world there is someone who writes to them, maybe even visits, and who thinks about their wellbeing.
As a sponsor you can concretely experience, where your help goes to and what you can achieve with your commitment. By sponsoring, you make an important contribution to the development of a young person, who, through you, gets a chance at a future worth living for. And for that the orphans thank you from the bottom of their hearts – today and in the future.

How Much Does Sponsorship Cost?

To take on a sponsorship of a Tanzanian child means to take on international social responsibility. It is a voluntary commitment, to give a child in Tanzania the gift of a future, which is why we hope that the commitment is long-term. Of course a sponsorship is terminable without notice for any reason.
There are various opportunities to commit long-term to our orphans. We would ask you to donate at least 30€ a month.

  1. With 30€ a month, we can ensure a child’s proper diet.
  2. Full sponsorship for one of our children costs 100€ a month. With this, a child’s complete care is ensured – from nursery to school to career entry.
  3. It is also possibly to sponsor an apprenticeship. You can pay a one-time 1000€ or monthly 41.66€ over the course of one year for one of our young people to be trained as a carpenter or tailor, therefore enabling them to have an optimal start into working life.

Child Sponsorship is Tax-deductable

Sponsorship is considered a tax-deductable donation. Of course you cancel your sponsorship at any time without any given reason.

Here’s How!

If you have already decided to sponsor a child, you can apply to the immediately binding sponsorship. Please download our sponsorship form, fill it out and send it to us at our Frankfurt office by post. We will contact you after receiving the documents to discuss everything else.

If you are still undecided, whether a sponsorship with Streetkids International e.V. is right for you, you can of course contact us by phone or email. We will gladly explain the details and conditions of a Streetkids-Sponsorship, whether this meets your expectations and will support you in your decision. Just talk to us! We look forward to hearing from you! Tel. 069 - 1 75 54 90 22

For monthly payments for your sponsor child, you can either set up a standing order, or issue us a direct debit for the desired amount; this way we manage the monthly withdrawals, and can easily set this up for you.

Sponsorship Form

  • Sponsorship Form 2015 (111 KB)

    30.04.2015 12:16o´clock Knolle, Anna

    Take on sponsorship for one of our orphans in Tanzania, Africa. You will see: it will not only enrich the life of the child but also yours in a special way.

Natascha Ochsenknecht: Sponsor and Ambassador

Well-known and unknown people donate to our orphans. Natascha Ochsenknecht is a long time friend of Streetkids International. Come along with our sponsor as she visit our orphanages.



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