Waisenkinder in Tansania
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Streetkids International e.V.

Wir - Streetkids International e.V.

Streetkids International e.V is a small children’s charity, registered as a non-profit charitable association. It is based in Frankfurt am Main, where we have been listed on the register of associations since 2001.

Streetkids International e.V builds and operates orphanages and educational institutions in Tanzania, near the seat of government Dar es Salaam. We help so that Tanzanian orphans, from low income and very needy situations, receive a home through accommodation in our orphanages, and with this a better future. In addition to the appropriate care through local staff and volunteers, we guarantee the school education of the children. This markedly increases the chances of an apprenticeship position.

As well as the orphanages and two schools, we have also created training workshops. There our orphans have the opportunity to do an apprenticeship as an carpenter or tailor after they finish school.

Your Donations Reach the Right Place

Streetkids International e.V. is politically independent and denominationally neutral.
The association promotes exclusively charitable purposes and in doing so is acting free from selfish agenda. All employees of Streetkids International e.V. work voluntarily, so the administrative expenses of the organisation are under 10% of donated revenue – something that has enabled us to use almost the complete amount of donated money in Tanzania.

We are funded by the sponsorships and monetary donations from private individuals and corporations, as well as charitable foundations. Streetkids International e.V reviews all activites and duties multiple times a year on location.

  • Work and Aims

    Work and Aims

    So far we have set up four orphanages, and we support and run schools as well as workshop for apprentices.

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  • Local Work in Tanzania

    Local Work in Tanzania

    What we do, who our partners on site are, and what tasks we set ourselves.

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  • Sponsors and Patrons

    Sponsors and  Patrons

    You can find a list of our sponsors and patrons, without whom all our work on location and in Germany would not be possible.

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  • Founder Daniel Preuß

    Founder Daniel Preuß

    Daniel Preuß is the founder of Streetkids International e.V. With much blood, sweat, tears and responsibility for the orphans, he pursues his goals.

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  • News from Streetkids

    News from Streetkids

    Our Streetkids Post, available for download or to leaf through online, our press releases, articles, reports and much more can be found here.

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  • Annual Reports

    Annual Reports

    We have prepared all annual reports from previous years, as well as our current bylaws for you to download here.

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STREETKIDS International e.V.
Kölner Straße 74
60327 Frankfurt am Main


Tel. +49 (0) 69 / 1 75 54 90 22
Fax +49 (0) 69 / 1 75 54 90 23
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