Waisenkinder in Tansania
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Local Work in Tanzania

We talk about what we do, who our partners are, and which tasks we have set ourselves on the following pages.

Ranging from the accommodation of children, the foster parents and foster families, to our employees, including in the schools and other educational institutions, get a deeper insight into our work in Tanzania here.

  • Education and Apprenticeships

    Education and Apprenticeships

    Together with our partners on location, we try to provide our orphans with a better start into the future through an education.

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  • Orphanages


    We have three different houses which the orphans live in. One for the girls, one for the boys and one for the very little children.

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  • Partners and Staff

    Partners and Staff

    In things like education and training etc we have been enjoying contact with our faithful employees and partners on location for several years.

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Numbers and Facts about Tanzania

Official AIDS Infection Rate ca. 6,5%
Malnourishement 44% of the population
Widespread Diseases Malaria, Cholera and other diarrheal diseases
Access to clean drinking water just 38% of the population
Life Expectancy Women: 46.3 years; Men: 44.9 years
Inhabitants 38.3 Million
Living on Less Than $1 a Day 57,8%
Average Age 17.7 years
Illiteracy Rate 30.6%
Orphans 1.5 Milllion
Size 945.087 qkm (two and a half times bigger than Germany)
Capital Dodoma
Seat of Government Dar es Salaam
Government System Präsidialrepublik
Languages Official Language: Kiswahili; Educated and Commonly Used Language: English
Religion approx. 40% Christian, 30% Muslim, 30% local religions


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