Waisenkinder in Tansania
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The Ideal Way Out of Poverty

An apprenticeship is in Tanzania – as it is all over the world – the ideal way out of poverty. In Tanzania, getting an apprenticeship place is certainly hard: less than 20% of children and young people in the country attend schools of further education. Even after a successful graduation, opportunities for apprenticeships are very rare and in high demand; a trainee position is often only achieved through corruption or good connections.

Therefore we provide our orphans and other disadvantaged young people the opportunity after primary education to complete an apprenticeship to become a carpenter or tailor. Thereby we enable young people, even in typically rural parts of Tanzania, to lead a life which is financially and economically independent.

Our orphans are able to make a living as carpenters or tailors; this is what the apprenticeship program for orphans with Streetkids International e.V aims to do.

Against All Odds

In the face of all obstacles, we managed it – the initiative is in operation. In recent years we have got several machines, partly from Germany, partly from Tanzania, so that today we can talk about our little production stations with a training workshop. The workshop is small but perfectly formed – and above all we enable young people to be educated in carpentry and tailoring, and are therefore able to give them a future of financial independence.

Video on Apprenticeships

It is difficult to provide an education in a poor country like Tanzania. Above all, this is because the materials are typically very expensive, especially in carpentry apprenticeships and the instructors charge a lot of money. There are only very few locals, who are caring and do not only think of their own economic advantage.

Opening of the Apprenticeship Workshop

Carpentry Apprentices

The demand for daily needs is also very great in developing countries like Tanzania. Every household needs for example tables, chairs or cupboards... Therefore our carpentry apprentices have very good prospects after they fully qualify, to build a solid livelihood with their ability.
The running of our workshop is – even in Tanzanian standards – expensive. Therefore we ask you to support our carpentry apprentices with donations or by sponsoring an apprenticeship. You can find a direct link to the donation form below.

Pictures from the carpentry apprenticeships

Tailor Apprentices

We have a wonderful master tailor, who is responsible for the training of the tailoring apprentices. There are two classroom in all; English and Maths are additionally taught alongside the practical lesson. The girls are able to come to the school for one or two years in total. The majority of apprentices come from the area around our orphanages in Mwandege and are Muslim. Since 2015 we have had good old machines from Germany (Pfaff and Singer), giving a solid basis for the apprenticeship.

Help us to continue to train tailoring apprentices! You will find a link to the donation form below.

Tailoring Apprenticeship Pictures

Apprenticeships successful since 2008

The foundations were laid for the Multipurpose Education Vocational Training Centre (MEVTC), our initiative for apprenticeships for orphans and young people in their own training and production workshop, in 2006. Together with our Tanzanian cooperative partner Youth With A Mission (YWAM), the owner of more than 5qkm land for development on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam, neighbouring our orphanages, we began this project. After the construction and development phases, acquisition of teaching materials and training of technical-educational personnel, operations commenced in January 2008.

New Association for Apprenticeship

The administrative obstacles were so big that we converted our training workshop MEVTC (Multipurpose Education Vocational Training Centre) in 2013 into a training centre for apprentices. With this we are independent of the state regulations and can be more flexible and above all work more efficiently.
The workshop is now called TTTPC (Timber and Textile Training and Production Centre) and is in many ways our problem child. The expansion and management is again and again a huge challenge, but we remain confident.

Support the local apprenticeships

Despite all the success achieved already, we are still looking for dedicated people who can support our training centre. Either by sponsoring an apprenticeship or by donating money to secure our operations in the training centre. We would be delighted also to accept donation in kind: our biggest dream is for old, robust machines from Germany, which have the basic functions such as planing, sawing and rotating without using lots of electricity.

We would especially love if an expert from Germany, Austria or Switzerland would like to support us locally, to train our foremen and teachers.

  • Apprenticeship Sponsorship

    Apprenticeship Sponsorship

    Help by taking on a apprenticeship sponsorship so that the children can live independent and secure lives.



    Just use the online form to make a donation directly.

  • Donate Time

    Donate Time

    A valuable commodity in the here and now: time. Donate a little of your time for the orphans in Africa.


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