Waisenkinder in Tansania
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Primary Schools

Dayspring Primary School

The Dayspring Primary School is our primary school in our village Mwandege, on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. The go-ahead for the building of the primary school was in early 2009; in January 2010 it was put into operation. Since then we have been continuously expanding: We are now building the classroom for the 6th grade. The majority of our children go to this school.

The school system in Tanzania is altogether a little different than Germany. The primary and middle schools last seven years there. Each school year goes from January to December. Unlike in Germany, the local primary school is the central and most visited educational establishment. After finishing there, that is the end of compulsory education in the east African state.

Partner YWAM furthers education

The education in the primary school is further proof for the success of our partnership with YWAM (Youth With A Mission Tanzania), which we have had since 2005. With them we have two projects: an apprenticeship workshop and the primary school. 

The primary school is very important because the need for good educational institutions is great, as well as the fact that the majority of our children go to this school. But also for the children from the village and the surrounding area, the school is an important contribution to the whole village community.


MWANDEGE Swaheli Primary School

Support for a new project

The Mwandege Primary „SHULE YA MSINGI‘‘ is situated in the middle of the little village Mwandege, in which our orphanages are also located. About 1400 pupils currently go to this school, but there are only nine classrooms – a situation which consequently means that despite afternoon classes which are offered at the moment, classrooms are grossly overcrowded.

In addition, many classrooms lack tables and chairs because the government place very little money at the disposal of educational institutions. Therefore many children sit on the ground during lessons. The lack of finances is also obvious with regards to teaching materials: there are only a few books available, which is why with nothing else left over for the teachers, they have to teach straight from the board – a difficult endeavour for the 38 teachers with 100-130 in each class. The children are taught on the subjects of Maths, English, Swahili, History, Geography, Science (biology, chemistry and physics) and Religion (Protestantism and Islam).

Because of the fact that the school as a public school does not demand any school fees, it is very popular in the village. Parents must only provide the school uniform. But that alone is too expensive for many parents. They do not have enough money to provide school attendance for their children. Many children in the village therefore have to stay at home and help cook and do other chores.

In addition, not all children have the right to education because of religious reasons. In this region of the country, the Muslim proportion of the population amounts to over 95%. Many girls are not allowed to go to school.


Video About the Primary Schools

See what the education for our orphans is like. Get to know the teachers of our primary school. Look over the shoulders of the supervisors in our apprentice workshops. Education is the key to the future of our orphans- in Tanzania and in all of Africa.

Donate to the Primary School

Without donations from individuals, corporate donations in the context of CSR measures or sponsorships, we cannot guarantee the operation or expansion of the primary school long term. That is why we ask you to support education in the primary with your donation.

  • Donate Time

    Donate Time

    A valuable commodity in the here and now: time. Donate a little of your time for the orphans in Africa.

  • Apprenticeship Sponsorship

    Apprenticeship Sponsorship

    Help by taking on a apprenticeship sponsorship so that the children can live independent and secure lives.



    Just use the online form to make a donation directly.


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