Waisenkinder in Tansania
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Sponsors and Patrons

Logo Wortpräsenz

is supporting STREETKIDS International e.V. pro bono since 2015. 

"Its important to us to contribute to the orphans from Tanzania and to support the team headed by Daniel Preuß."



Your company could also be here - don’t hesitate, become a sponsor or patron of Streetkids International e.V.

There’s nothing like giving the gift of a smile.

SAP Logo

"In the context of the Restcent Initiative, our SAP staff donate the decimal number of their net income to a good cause. For each individual it is only a few cents per month, but in total it can make a big difference."

More information about Restcent on the following link: http://de.news-sap.com/2013/11/15/restcent-im-sap-standard/

Duerenhoff Logo

"Since 2013 we live social responsibility, through our engagement we enable orphans to have a better life."


AOL Logo

AOK Hessen
"The employees of AOK Hessen are committed to our education project in Africa."


b2 consulting Logo

b2 consulting
"Children are the future – here in Germany as well as elsewhere. That’s why we at b2 consulting are involved actively and financially."


Children Logo

Children for a better World e.V.
was founded in 1994 as a childrens’ charity with the principle „With children. For children!“ Since then we have been supporting social projects worldwide and encouraging children and young people here in Germany to fight for each other. We believe that with every young person we introduce a new life perspective to and whose help for themselves and anothers we support, we contribute to a better future for all. CHILDREN works towards this independent of background, religion and political affiliation.


Globus Stiftung Logo

Globus Stiftung
supports projects which advance the education and training of disadvantaged young people in Germany as well as projects abroad, which improve the education and also medical care in the poorest countries in the world. "We have succeeded in introducing new life perpectives to many young people through numerous initiatives since 2005. In a joint campaign of the Globus Foundation and Globus warehouse in Hofheim, we have facilitated the build of another classroom at Dayspring Primary School in Mwandege, Tanzania; our contribution to the securing of school education of orphans."

DB Schenker Logo

"We set up a betting portal for our employees for the 2010 World Cup in Africa. We decided the proceeds should benefit Streetkids International! We do this again for the European Cup in 2016."


Dom Spitzen Logo

Domspitzen e.V.
"The Domspitzen e.V from Cologne says helping is child’s play. The Domspitzen House was built in Tanzania, Africa in 2009. 12 orphans find a new home there."


Fricke Stiftung Logo

Fricke Foundation
"The Fricke Foundation gives children, young people and adults in North Rhein Westphalia the access to culture and education. With a common aspiration for education we support Streetkids International."


gotoMEDIA Logo

Werbe- und Medienagentur

"Together we can make a difference!
As a full-service advertising agency specializing in website creation with Weblication® CMS, we support Streetkids International eV through graphic and technical support for their internet presence."


grow up Logo

"We have been supporting the charity Streetkids International with our management consulting since 2004."


SVK Logo

Sachverständigen Kontor
"SVK shows social responsibility! We have been supporting Streetkids International financially for many years."


help and hope logo

help and hope
"The foundation help and hope was brought to life in 2005 by Stefan Heinig and other engaged businesses in order to help children in need. At the centre of the national and international work of the foundation is always the idea of building a protective and sustainable roof for children and young people."


knallrot Logo

knallrot GmbH
"We have been actively supporting Streetkids International since 2004, and regularly in the area of public relations. Moreover, we have taken on sponsorships for Said, Victoria and Grayson, who live in the Tanzanian orphanages run by Streetkids International."


ifsm Logo

ifsm Institut für Sales & Managementberatung
"We are confident that our donations to Streetkids International e.V. are in the best hands. For several years ifsm have therefore been supporting a project for the construction and maintenance of a primary school, because we are convinced that that learning and education are important cornerstones in every person’s life. We are so pleased with the progress of the project and wish the association and above all the children well."


quintessenz Logo

quintessenz GmbH & Co. KG
"The children in Africa still have the worst chances of being able to make anything of themselves in life. Our help is needed most there, because there are hardly any opportunites to help.“ No sooner said than done. Michael Steffner and Jürgen Brunny, the two managing directors of quintessenz, have done the job properly this year and given the go-ahead for a new orphanage, where the consulting firm, headquarted in Schwetzingen and Lampertheim, is the sole sponsor.


MGA Logo

"In our daily work we work with our customers worldwide and can see right before our eyes, how good we have it. We are happy to support Streetkids International. The organisation’s operation has really impressed us and we know our donations are in good hands here."


Ingenieurbüro Schweiger Logo

Seilbahnprofi - Ingenieurbüro Schweiger
"Love for mountains has determined our loves both professionally and privately, and has also led us to Tanzania. Here we have been deeply touched by the warmth of its people, but also the poverty, which led us to support Streetkids International eV and their education of vulnerable young people in Tanzania."


quisa Logo

"We are pleased to support Streetkids International by taking the pressure of employees with free provision of quisa web CRM in daily operations."


Weblication Logo

Scholl Communications AG
"The Scholl Communications Co. provides the Concept Management System weblication for this website for free."


TAS Logo

"TAS-Group supports the contruction of the children’s clinic in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
to the website"


update Logo

update Software AG
"The Vienna-based software manufacturer is now supporting Streetkids International for the third year in a row and thus proves to be socially responsible across the border."



"As a medium-sized company with an international focus, TENTE does not just take on responsibility for people in their native region in a corporate setting.


unikatfabrik Logo

unikatfabrik - Fotokunst von Achim Koerfer
"It is the Achim Koerfer’s personal aim to connect beauty and art with social and humanitarian good, and in doing so the photographer actively supports national and international charity projects."


Wohanka & Kollegen Logo

Wohanka & Colleagues Inc.
"The translation business and its employees support selected charities around the world by providing free services or donations. Barbara Wohanka, the managing director, is very impressed with the activities of Streetkids International e.V. in Tanzania."


WorteSchaffenWerte Logo

worteschaffenwerte –
Communication on the Web

"Charly Kahle of worteschaffenwerte supported us in our relaunch of our website with his text (SEO), so that our site will be found by Google."


Reuffurth Logo

h. reuffurth gmbh
"We have been supporting Streetkids since 2004, by putting together the Streetkids Post, which is sent to all interested parties. We create and print the „Post“ cost-neutrally. We enjoy doing it and are confident in the project. We really have it good here in Germany, and we want to do our bit so that life can be better for the children in Tanzania. Streetkids International’s loving care of the children and giving them the chance of a good education is meaningful, sustainable and important."




STREETKIDS International e.V.
Kölner Straße 74
60327 Frankfurt am Main


Tel. +49 (0) 69 / 1 75 54 90 22
Fax +49 (0) 69 / 1 75 54 90 23
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