Waisenkinder in Tansania
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Life in the Orphanage

All the children have been living together in happiness and safety since 1st July 2009, on our land in Mwandege, on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam.

At the moment 50 children between 3 and 18 are at home there. In order to be able to give even more children a safe home, school education and with these a future, we have already bought a neighbouring piece of land in 2013, on which 2 more orphanages and a Montessori nursery for our youngest children will be built.

A Day in the Orphanage

Abends im Mädchenzimmer

The Day Begins

In the Muslim area, the muezzin wakes the people, who already live in the village, to call them to morning prayer. Our children can indeed sleep for a little longer; but at 6am the night is also over for them. The maids come and start to make tea and clean the house. In addition, the land around the orphanages will be swept with a straw broom to get rid of leaves and uncover any possible snake tracks. After everyone is washed and dressed, there is breakfast. This consists mostly of Mandazi (a type of fried pastry) or bread and a cup of tea with a little sugar.

School Calls

Then it’s school for the children: our children go for the most part to Dayspring Primary School directly opposite our orphanages, in which – in contrast to state schools – the curriculum is taught during classes. In addition, the class size is relatively manageable (30-40 children in each class, compared to 100-130 children in a state school).
Some of the older children also go to the local public school. Overall the clock ticks by a bit slower in Tanzania than in Germany – the children however have to be in school for 8am on the dot for roll call.

Streetkids-Ausbildung 2010

Empowerment at Home

After school the children come back home to the orphanage, where they then can have lunch. The toddlers then have a midday nap and the older children do their homework and afterwards play, mostly outside – and football is a favourite.

Helping in Our Fruit and Vegetable Garden

On our land we even have enough room to grow fruit and vegetables. We can proudly harvest our pineapple, passion fruit, sweet bananas, plantain, tomatoes, aubergines and spinach, amongst others!
When looking after the fruit and vegetable garden, our children and young people are strong to help.
In addition, our men from the farm brought little fish with them, built a little pond in the ground with a little cement, and are now trying to farm fish.
Arbeit am Beet
Kinder am Wasser

Hygiene as an Integral Part of Daily Life

As well as taking care of our vegetable garden, the children are also on a water and cleaning rota. Furthermore, the guarantee of hygiene counts as one of their daily tasks. All of this takes about an hour and a half to complete every day.
Through the integration of these duties into the children’s daily lives they learn from an early age what it means to take on responsibility and to pitch in and help. It is one of our biggest concerns to facilitate a sense of responsibility and discipline in the children, and with that the ability to help themselves.


The Evening Structure

When the day slowly ends and it gets dark, the children have finished their duties, they long for dinner or to play a bit more outside. After eating, they mostly sit down together, play with each other or watch a film that the interns show them on their laptops.
In the evenings, after tutoring, playing, or preparation for the next school day, the children mostly read or play before they go to bed at 9pm. And of course there is a bit of chattering in their rooms, before they finally close their eyes.

Waisenkinder auf einer Decke

Christian Worldview

Most interns are from Germany, Austria or Switzerland, and so are always bringing new impressions, games and stories with them. In addition, the children learn a Christian worldview from them, as well as from their carers at the orphanage: Our little ones are raised with Christian values; which is very much supported by the small church in the village. On Sundays all our orphans go to the village church. They always really look forward to when they can dress up for church and take part in all the singing, dancing, and almost always drumming.

The ethical values give the children a lot of support, hope and guidance in their young lives.

Waisenkinder im Kreis

Opportunites to Help

  • Apprenticeship Sponsorship

    Apprenticeship Sponsorship

    Help by taking on a apprenticeship sponsorship so that the children can live independent and secure lives.



    Just use the online form to make a donation directly.

  • Donate and Help

    Donate and Help

    You have the opportunity to help with a small donation. That can be an immediate donation, a child sponsorship, apprenticeship sponsorship or it can also be time that you donate.


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