Waisenkinder in Tansania
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  • Aisha


    Mwanaisha, who we call Aisha, is HIV-negative and completely orphaned. At the beginning of 2001 she came to us at the Kijitonyama house.

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  • Daudi


    Daudi has been with us since summer 2010 and is five years old. Daudi is completely orphaned; his father died in 2005 in Tondurun in a mining accident.

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  • Done


    Done came to us along with Gideon in October 2009. He is nine years old and completely orphaned; he comes from the Mukaranga region.

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  • Eliza


    Eliza lived with her sister and six relatives in a small one-room hut. We were made aware of the girls because the neighbours had approached us and told us about how badly the aunt was treating the children.

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  • Ezekia


    Ezekia has been living with us since the beginning of October 2007. He and his brother Yohana lived with his aunt after the death of their mother, but she could not look after them.

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  • Gideon


    Gideon is eight years old and comes from the Mukaranga region. After the death of his parents, he lived with his uncle’s family in very bad conditions.

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  • Malkea


    Since 2005 Malkea has been fully orphaned. She lived in the poorest of conditions with her aunt, who had her own five children to look after.

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  • Nelson


    Nelson and his younger brother Lenox have been with us since February 2013. Nelson is above all so pleased to finally be allowed to go to school.

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  • Nuhu


    Nuhu is completely orphaned. Most recently he lived with his 75 year old grandfather, who had to look after 11 other children.

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  • Peter


    Peter has been with us since 2004. Peter is completely orphaned and HIV-negative. When his parents died, he stayed alone in the village.

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  • Sayuni


    Sayuni is fully orphaned and Massai. He has been with us since summer 2009. He is bright, friendly and always helpful.

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  • Veronica


    Veronica started school in 2006. Her elder sister Jackline and her are completely orphaned and no longer have a home.

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  • Yohana


    Yohana is completely orphaned, just like his brother Ezekia. His father died of AIDS in 2002, his mother at the beginning of 2007.

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  • Zainabu


    Zainabu came to us in January 2011 along with Saada. Her parents died and so her grandmother raised her.

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