Waisenkinder in Tansania
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  • Aisha


    Aisha is an independent and responsible young woman. She got married last year and works as a kindergarten teacher, both of which she is juggling very nicely.

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  • Daudi


    Daudi is a very positive and bright young boy full of humor. He’s currently attending the Call & Vision Secondary School in Mtwara.

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  • Done


    Done is a quiet, inquisitive boy.

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  • Eliza


    In 2016 she completed her training as a tailor.

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  • Ezekia


    In 2016 he finished secondary school and did not know how to continue his career. In the meantime, he has found his way and is busy preparing for college.

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  • Gideon


    Gideon is a polite and intelligent young man. English is one of his favourite subjects and he enjoyed going to school.

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  • Malikia


    Malikia is currently attending the "Call and Vision Secondary School" in Mtwara. At home she diligently helps with the household chores and caring for the little ones.

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  • Nelson


    All in all Nelson is an optimistic and obliging young boy. His open manner and charming smile make him popular with everyone.

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  • Nuhu


    In 2016 he attended the "Day Spring School" and completed his last year.

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  • Peter


    Peter is a very driven and conscientious young man, filled with ambition.

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  • Sayuni


    Sayuni is a responsible, loyal boy who always questions things. He is currently attending the Call & Vision Secondary School in Mtwara.

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  • Veronica


    Veronica is a cheerful girl who likes to take care of the younger ones.

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  • Yohana


    According to Daniel, Yohana belongs to the "smart guys". He is intelligent and very responsible, and is currently studying in his first semester at the "School of Journalism and Mass Communication" in Dar es Salaam.

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  • Zainabu


    Zainabu is a withdrawn, polite girl who spends a lot of time alone. However, as soon as she gets the chance to drum or sing with the children on the Ngoma, she radiates.

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