Waisenkinder in Tansania
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  • Anitha


    Anitha was born on 10.10.2012. After the father’s death in 2017 of AIDS, she lived with her grandparents, together with her brother Simon and their mother.

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  • Arafat


    Arafat came to us in 2015 at the age of 3, because his aunt could not take care for him anymore.

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  • Assia


    Assia came to us in June 2012 along with Jumanne and Saidi. She is around six years old and a clever little girl.

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  • Beatrice


    Beatrice came to us in February 2012 at four and a half years old, because her mother did not survive giving birth

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  • Catherine


    Catherine comes from Kigoma and is 7 years old (2017). Her mother passed away while giving birth and his father passed away, sometime later she was then raised by her grandparents who are very old therefore she was left under no proper care she was even beaten several times by his grandparents who are drunkards.

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  • Daniel


    Daniel was raised by his father and Aunt (Sister of his father’s) as the mother, few month after giving birth to Daniel, she left Daniel with his father and she was never seen again.

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  • Elika


    Elika is six years old. Her mother died in an improperly performed abortion in the bush in 2010

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  • Eliza


    Eliza is 8 years old and has always been with her older sister Rosemary who is living with us now such as their twin sisters Juliana and Julietta.

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  • Emanuel


    Emanuel came to us at the start of January 2015. We could hardly believe that this slight little boy that stood before us was supposed to be already four years old.

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  • Erik


    Eric has been with us since January 2010. His mother died when he was born, his father is unknown.

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  • Fadhil


    In February 2018 we welcomed Fadhil in our orphanage and gave him a new home.

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  • Fatuma


    The six year old Fatuma came to us in January of this year together with her little sister Jasmin. Her poor and simple former life could not be denied.

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  • Flora


    Like her little sister Elika, Flora had nothing but the clothes on her back when she came to us in 2013. Up to then her paternal aunt had just about managed to look after them.

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  • Grayson


    Grayson came to us in 2013 at six years of age. He was living with his old and very ill grandmother.

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  • Hassan


    Hassan came to us in 2015. He lived together with his twin brother Hussein with their aunt. Their mother died in 2013, nobody knew the father.

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  • Hussein


    Hussein came to us in 2015 at the age of 3. Together with his twin brother Hassan he lived with his aunt. Nobody knows his father and his mother passed away when he was 1 year old.

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  • Issa


    Issa came to us in 2015 at the age of 3. His mother died one week after his birth and was HIV positive. His father was married with another woman and is unknown.

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  • Issa


    Issa has been with us since December 2012. He is three years old and comes from the same small village as Mahamudu

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  • Jasmin


    Jasmin came to us with her sister who is two years older. In her four short years, Jasmin has already known some terrible things in her life.

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  • Jenifa


    Jenifa, 5 years came to us in 2015. She is our first child which is supported on a monthly base through material (mainly food) support. Jenifa’s mother was unpredictable and did not have the heart to raise her child.

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  • Juliana


    Juliana is a three year old girl who is living with us since September 27th, 2017 just like her twin sister Juliana and her older sisters Rosemary and Eliza.

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  • Julietta


    Julietta is Juliana’s twin sister who is living with us just like her older sisters Rosemary and Eliza.

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  • Juma


    Juma came to us in August 2015 when he was 4. His mother died in 2012 in a road accident and no one knew who his father was.

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  • Jumanne


    Jumanne has been with us since 2012 along with his brother Saidi.

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  • Junior


    Junior came to us in March 2013. His parents died years ago from cancer. Junior was raised by his grandmother until he was six years old.

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  • Kevin


    Kevin has been with us since January 2018. His mother died eight months after his birth (20.07.2013).

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  • Latifa


    The nine-year-old Latifa is a real Streetkid. Her father died when she was still very young.

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  • Lenox


    Lenox has been with us since 2013. The six year old orphan came with his brother Nelson.

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  • Mahamudu


    Mahamudu has been in our family since January 2012. He is four years old, and lived for a long time after the death of his mother with his aunt

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  • Maliki


    Maliki was taken in by us in August 2015 at the age of 5. His mother died in 2012 due to an illness and his father passed away in a car accident.

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  • Mercy


    Mercy is our youngest at three years old and came to us at the start of March 2011.

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  • Muhammed


    Muhammed came to us in November 2013 with his sister Mwanjia. He is three years old and has lost both his parents.

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  • Musa


    Musa comes from Tegeta Sokoni and is 9 years old (2017). Musa mother passed away during birth of him.

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  • Mwanjia


    Mwanjia is Muhammed’s six year old sister. She has likewise been with us since November 2013.

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  • Naimu


    Naimu came to us in 2015 at the age of 7. Naimus’ father died when his mother was pregnant with him; his mother passed away when he was 1 year old.

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  • Nurudini


    Nurudini came to us in 2015 at the age of 9. His mother died of an illness in 2014, his father passed away one year before in an accident.

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  • Prisca


    Prisca lost her entire family in the last few years. Her mother died two years ago, her father who was a soldier then died last year.

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  • Rahabu


    Rahabu is the oldest of the three Massai children. She was supposedly born in May 2009, but we are unamious in thinking that she is six years old.

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  • Rajabu


    Rajabu has been with us since January 2012. Just like Shamira and Mahamudu, he also comes from the Mkuranga region.

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  • Rosemary


    Rosemary, 11 years old, is a special case just like her sisters Eliza, Juliana and Julietta since her mother is not only physically but psychically ill, wandering around the villages and not being supported by anyone.

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  • Saada


    Saada was estimated seven years old on arrival. She is a very happy, open little girl. She grew up with relatives in very poor conditions in a little bush village.

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  • Saidi


    Saidi came to Streetkids on 18th August 2014. He is 5 years old. Both his parents died of illness, because in poverty they lacked the money for treatment.

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  • Saidi


    Saidi has been with us since 2012. He is the second Saidi in our family. He came to us with his younger brother Jumanne in June 2012.

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  • Salehe


    Salehe is Salamu’s little brother; both were raised by their grandmother. He is five years old.

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  • Salumu


    Salumu is seven years old, had never been to school and was raised from 2010 by his grandmother

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  • Seleman


    Seleman´s father left the family when Seleman’s mother was pregnant with him. She died just a few months after his birth.

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  • Shakaile


    Shakaile came to us, by a small miracle, completely healthy and is the one that surprised us the quickest by speaking Swaheli.

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  • Shamira


    Shamira came to us in January 2012 at four years old. She comes from a little village in the Mkurange region.

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  • Shedrack


    Shedrack came in August 2015 to us when he was five years old. He grew up with his brother with his aunt since his mother died in 2013 due to illness.

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  • Simon


    Simon ist am 23.12.2010 geboren. Bevor er mit seiner Schwester Anitha zu uns kam, lebten die beiden Geschwister bei ihren Großeltern, die nicht in der Lage waren sich gut genug um sie zu kümmern.

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  • Sofia


    Sofia was born on 17.08.2009 and at four years old is the youngest of three. Her father died in August 2010 from kidney failure, and her mother followed in February 2012

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  • Victoria


    Victoria was born in summer 2002 and has been with us since the beginning of September 2009. Her father passed away in a tragic accident on the river, when he was attacked and killed by a crocodile.

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  • Warida


    Warida came to us on 2nd September 2014 and is five years old. Her father died of malaria in December 2009 and her mother died just two years later from asthma.

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  • Yohana


    In 2015 Yohana came to us, at the age of 8, because his grandmother could not provide for him anymore. Nobody was ever in contact with his father, his mother passed away when he was 3 months old.

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  • Zuhaila


    Zuhaila, who everyone just calls Zu, comes from a large family. Up to now, she lived with her aunt and six other children, one of which already had their own child.

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