Waisenkinder in Tansania
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  • Anitha


    Anitha is a very delicate creature. Although she is easily frightened and sometimes distant, her sunny, gentle demeanor is appearing more and more.

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  • Arafat


    With his dominant appearance Arafat is quite the "alpha male". He likes to lead the troupe of little ones and tells everyone what to do.

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  • Asia


    Asia is a very friendly and helpful girl. She is incredibly curious and always interested in discovering new things.

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  • Beatrice


    Beatrice is a rather reserved and shy girl. She is often suspicious or cautious of new surroundings.

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  • Catherine


    Catherine, who’s called Cathy by everyone, mostly enjoys her own space and is often lost in thought. She does however enjoy receiving attention.

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  • Daniel


    Daniel is an enthusiastic sportsman. He loves to play football with the other boys and shows remarkable stamina.

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  • Elika


    Elika loves to sing, especially at church on Sundays. According to the interns she has a crystal-clear voice.

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  • Eliza


    Elizabeth, also affectionately known as Eliza, has an open and trusting nature. She is very loving, lively and almost always cheerful.

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  • Emanuel


    Emanuel, also called Imma by the others, is a very charming nine-year-old. His mischievous grin is contagious, creating a good vibe wherever he goes.

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  • Erick


    Erick is a sociable and relaxed young teenager. He is polite, attentive and creates a positive and harmonious atmosphere.

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  • Fadhil


    Fadhil is very spirited in his demeanor. Every now and then he withdraws but then bounces back again, seeking attention from the others.

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  • Fatuma


    Fatuma seems to be a very serious and distant young girl. However, as soon as she smiles, her whole face lights up.

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  • Flora


    Similar to her sister Elika, Flora is introverted and very shy, but when she dances, she comes out of her shell.

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  • Grayson


    Grayson is a creative and inquisitive boy. In his spare time he enjoys painting and drawing.

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  • Hassan


    At first glance Hassan seems introverted and deep in thought. He also often plays on his own but he is becoming increasingly more light-hearted and open.

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  • Hussein


    Hussein is a sensitive, young boy. He seems shy but is extremely aware of his environment and is very receptive to external impressions.

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  • Issa


    With his open, charming and attentive nature, the "little Issa" can building relationship quickly and easily.

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  • Issa


    Issa is sensitive and considerate in his dealings with others. He never makes a fuss and acts with self-assurance.

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  • Jasmin


    Jasmine is bright and cheerful. She is very tidy, helpful, and has a good sense of humour. She is also very conscientious with everything she does.

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  • Jenifa


    Jenifa is a reserved, wary girl. Unfortunately she spends a lot of time alone because there are only a few children of the same age living in her area.

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  • Juliana


    Juliana is an open and bright child, who is interested in everything. She diligently helps with household chores including laundry, washing, cooking and baking.

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  • Julietta


    Julietta is remarkably cautious and reserved. She reacts very sensitively to external stimuli, such as pressure or loud noises.

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  • Juma


    Juma is a well-balanced but shy young boy who appreciates it when he is shown attention and as soon as he is feeling confident his cheerfulness shines through.

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  • Jumanne


    Jumanne is a very open boy and gets along well with everyone! On the farm he likes to take care of the animals and in his spare time he loves to plays football.

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  • Junior


    Junior is an attentive and considerate young boy which he shows in his loving and gentle way with the other children.

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  • Kelvin


    Kelvin is a sensitive, bright and charming young boy. His hobbies include drawing and singing.

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  • Latifa


    Latifa is regarded as a quiet, thoughtful guide who can also be quite strict at times. She is respected by her siblings and is very popular with everyone.

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  • Lenox


    Lenox is a very sporty and active young boy. He prefers to be outside in the fresh air and likes to do gymnastics.

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  • Mahamudu


    Even though Mahamudu seems rather reserved in the pictures, he is a very confident, young boy.

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  • Maliki


    Maliki is a care-free young boy. He prefers to spend his time playing games - be it football, ready, or Kombolela.

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  • Mercy


    Mercy is a particularly lively and curious young girl. Her openness makes it easy for her to forge close relationships with others.

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  • Mohamed


    Mohamed, whom is also called Mudi, is a quiet boy with a friendly demeanour. He often seems introverted and thoughtful, but in actual fact he is full of energy!

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  • Mussa


    Mussa is a very keen and diligent student who is always prepared to help out on the farm.

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  • Mwanjia


    Mwanjia is a relaxed and playful twelve-year-old who likes to fool around. Nevertheless, she carries out her tasks conscientiously and when the older girls are not present, she assumes responsibility.

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  • Naimu


    Naimu would like to make his hobby his profession. He loves playing soccer which he gives his heart and soul to.

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  • Nurdini


    Nurdini conscientiously helps with all the tasks that are assigned to him on the farm and takes part in every soccer match.

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  • Prisca


    Prisca is a reserved, shy girl. She likes to be alone and to spend her free time reading.

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  • Rahabu


    Rahabu is a tall and rather introverted young girl, however despite her appearance, it doesn't take long to bring out her fun-loving side.

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  • Rajabu


    Rajabu is both creative and helpful. In his spare time he loves to play with his siblings.

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  • Rosemary


    Rosy has a circumspect and funny way about her. She shows interest in her fellow human beings and is always friendly.

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  • Saada


    Saada is a naturally helpful person who likes to take care of the children and also helps out with medical treatments such as helping her siblings with their injuries and wounds.

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  • Saidi


    Saidi is a cheerful, lively boy with a crooked grin. He loves to run about in the fresh air, dance to good music and simply have fun.

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  • Saidi


    Saidi has a great sense of humor. In his spare time he likes to play football and dreams of becoming a referee.

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  • Salehe


    Salehe is always on the move, whether it’s playing football, running or gymnastics. He is also very keen on keeping his environment clean and tidy.

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  • Salumu


    Salumu is a thoughtful and introverted young boy. Nevertheless, he likes playing, especially football which he’s very good at.

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  • Seleman


    Seleman is a very alert and energetic young boy. In his spare time he likes to read, do sports and loves to enjoy the fresh air.

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  • Shakaile


    Shakaile is a very attentive and calm young boy. He plays football very well and loves to sing.

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  • Shamira


    Shamira is a bright, sporty and inquisitive young girl. She loves to spend time outside and is most happy when she is moving, be it dancing, playing or doing sport.

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  • Shedrack


    Shedrack is an adorable boy young who is usually described as shy and introverted. He likes to observe very closely what is happening around him, and especially likes to play board games.

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  • Simon


    Simon, also affectionately called Simoni, is a rather reserved boy. He needs time to get used to new things, but is increasingly getting better at adjusting.

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  • Sofia


    Sofia is remarkably mature for her ten years and already takes on a lot of responsibility. In the house of the little ones she carries out many tasks and is a reliable helper when it comes to caring for the children.

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  • Victoria


    Victoria spends a lot of time in the kitchen and regularly helps with cooking. In her spare time she likes to dance.

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  • Warida


    Warida is a bright, friendly and lovable girl. At first glance she seems shy, but as time goes by she opens up more and more.

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  • Yohana


    Yohana is an open-minded, optimistic and curious boy. His warm laughter radiates joyfully and he loves helping out on the farm, be it irrigating the fields, harvesting the vegetables or mowing the meadow.

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  • Zuhaila


    Zuhaila is a sensitive observer. Often she seems to be lost in thought, but she is actually very much aware of her surroundings, taking it all in.

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