Waisenkinder in Tansania
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Emanuel 2016
Emmanuel 2016

Emanuel came to us at the start of January 2015. We could hardly believe that this slight little boy that stood before us was supposed to be already four years old. His physical development was comparable to a two year old’s.

How could this be? We learned that in his uncle’s family, where he grew up after his parents’ death, he was often beaten by his uncle’s wife; she discriminated against him and he got less to eat than the two biological children, because he was not her own son and she did not accept him as another member of the family.

When Emanuel was one, his father died in a motorbike accident. A few months later, his mother also died- she had asthma.

The visibly malnourished and underdeveloped Emanuel has now found a new home with us, where he feels love and affection that he never really had before. We have immediately introduced extra meals, rich in nutrition, and every day the little boy has more energy to laugh more and more, blossom and run with the other children.



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