Waisenkinder in Tansania
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Emanuel 2016
Emmanuel 2016

Name: Emanuel
Nickname: Imma
Birthday: 09.09.2010
Gender: Male
With us since: 07.01.2015

Emanuel, also called Imma by the others, is a very charming nine-year-old. His mischievous grin is contagious, creating a good vibe wherever he goes. He enjoys playing outside with the other kids and especially likes basketball and football. He would like to become a professional footballer or pilot.

Emanuel came to us at the beginning of January 2015. We could hardly believe that the little boy standing in front of us was four years old! His physical development was comparable to that of a two-year-old. How could this happen?

When Emanuel was one year old, his father died in a motorcycle accident. A few months later his mother, who suffered from asthma, also died. His uncle took him in, but his wife did not accept him as a part of the family. She beat him and gave him less to eat than her own children. This led to Emanuel being extremely malnourished and underdeveloped. We gave Emanuel extra nutritious snacks to get him back on his feet. He now also has a home where he gets love and affection.



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